Completion of 3 No. office buildings

  • Contract: JCT Intermediate with contractors design – Negotiated

  • Duration: 12 Weeks

  • Value Range: £0 - £500,000

Completion of 3 No. office buildings


Another project to demonstrate our commitment to client focus, being trustworthy and our quick reaction capability. The project had been left unfinished by a previous contractor and the client was concerned that agreed occupiers would have to be delayed. We quickly surveyed and presented with costs the full scope of works required for finalising the project within 1 week. After some brief negotiations, we started on site with a full programme to achieve the final completion within 12 weeks.

Construction details

The buildings were a traditional construction but each of the 7 offices were in differing stages of completion and several required rectification works to achieve building control, fire and environments targets. Several weeks were taken up hunting defects and chasing leaks due to unfinished works, some ceilings and partitions had to be altered and external repairs to defective items were also required. We installed raised access floor, ceilings, toilets, kitchens, doors alongside re-checking every mechanical pipework fitting and fire sealing every partition and wall junction.

Our Team and Supply chain best practise

On a project of this nature, we not only had at least 7 of our most skilled tradesmen we also had to rely on our supply chain to pull out all the stops and inspect, rectify and install new works at short notice. We have a great relationship with our suppliers and supply chain because we treat them with respect and pay them on time, this allows us to integrate, collaborate and demand the best from them.

Better value

Again a tight budget required our careful control of the clients potential expenditure and we issued regularly anticipated final account figures to ensure the client had sight of the complete cost. Planning regulations demanded air tightness below 4.5, which was over achieved in some of the buildings thus providing better thermal efficiencies and also boosting the acoustic qualities.

Health and Safety

The project was completed without RIDDOR accidents and there were no injuries to report during the entire construction process despite the works being spread over 3 buildings with several potential injury causing existing defects discovered.

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