Refurbishment and Dilapidations to 48,000sq ft industrial unit

  • Contract: JCT Intermediate – Negotiated

  • Duration: 16 Weeks

  • Value Range: £0 - £500,000

Refurbishment and Dilapidations to 48,000sq ft industrial unit


We completed the external refurbishment, roof repairs and re-cladding of a large industrial unit, followed by internal repairs and re-decoration to bring the building back to high standards. After an initial budget costing for our clients to review we then negotiated rates to allow a start on site and completed further works to other areas on the same estate.

Construction details

The project required Code to completely refurbish the existing building which had become dilapidated through years of weathering. Roof leaks, filthy rooflights, damaged roller shutters and a generally worn appearance was presented to the team when we first arrived on site. With over a volume of over 400,000cuft this was a major task and as the unit had been used as a waste transfer station there was a thick layer of ingrained dust and debris to be cleaned before we could progress. Once we had cleaned the building we undertook the changing of all the rooflights and this had a dramatic effect on the light levels in the building, allowing us to proceed with the rationalising of services, installation of roller shutters and finally the re-decoration of the entire building.

Better Value

We identified early in the project that the roof may have more issue than originally scoped and so we undertook an exercise to value engineer the remaining elements of the scheme to divert more funds towards the roofing repairs. As the project neared its conclusion and the project was finishing on time and budget the client released more funding to allow us to re-decorate the entirety of the internal warehouse walls and steelwork, this was the item which really changed the unit from a run of the mill industrial building to a modern bright working environment.

Health and Safety

The project was completed without RIDDOR accidents and no days lost to injury however one of our roofers suffered a small cut to the knee while installing new rooflights.

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